This is the contact page for the SkyAsagiri.

To Japanese

Sky Asagiri will send you a contact e-mail to the e-mail address you will provide us.

For that, click the Post icon below, and just send us a blank e-mail.
(If you don’t send us a blank e-mail, we won’t be able to receive your e-mail)

After a few minutes, Sky Asagiri will send you back a contact mail to your mail address.

Thank you for your understanding.

※Our mail address may change suddenly. If you are not able to contact us with the usual mail address anymore, please try to contact us one more time by clicking the Post icon below.


Thank you.

SkyAsagiri Fumoto 499,Fujinomiya,Shizuoka,418-0109 Japan TEL 0544-52-0304